“GLORY Person With ACH” ソーシャルワーカーズ代表 西村大樹さんトークイベント / Talk Event on “Glorious Person With ACH” Daiki Nishimura, Representative, Social Workers

“GLORY Person With ACH” ソーシャルワーカーズ代表 西村大樹さんトークイベント / Talk Event on “Glorious Person With ACH” Daiki Nishimura, Representative, Social Workers













ソーシャルワーカーズ (※1)2代目代表に2021年2月より就任。



東京でソーシャルワーカーズ 前代表のTOMOYAでその後の人生を大きく変える出会いを遂げ、社会人になったらやめるつもりだったダンスに従事。NHK(Eテレ)【バリバラ、Eダンスアカデミー】、NHK【ひるまえほっと、NHK WORLD】などダンス活動の模様をメディア出演で身体表現の魅力、軟骨無形成症患者が向き合う社会問題を伝えている。




※3:ソーシャルワーカーズ 前代表のTOMOYA、YU-Riと組んだダンスチーム

Youtube/西村大樹 『ALIVE』

Now that we are in the second year of after-corona, starting a new Fiscal year at the same time in Japan. On Sunday, April 25, 2021, we will invite Mr. Daiki Nishimura, who became the second representative of Social Workers (SWZ), to hold a talk event through online tools. SWZ is a voluntary organization that provides a space to play, create, and express with or without disabilities through nonverbal communication of dance, art, and entertainment. It is a pioneering organization of diversity inclusion in Japan, where the former representative has been searching for and shaping social inclusion for people with disabilities for 16 years. Mr. Daiki Nishimura, who has achondroplasia, as the representative in February this year, SWZ will take a new stage.

In this talk session, Mr. Daiki Nishimura will talk about the hardships he experienced in the past, as well as the expansion of his outlook on humans and the world during his childhood/school-age/working period, as well as his beloved encounter and the vision he envisions as a new representative of SWZ. I would like it.


□ Date and time: Sunday, April 25, 2021 10: 00-11: 00
□ Tools used: ZOOM * We will send you the URL of the day about one week before the day.
□ Application: Please fill out this form.
* For those who are new to ZOOM or who are unfamiliar with it, we will send you the access method and simple usage separately.

<Speaker profile>

Daiki Nishimura 26 years old from Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. He has been appointed as the second representative of Social Workers (* 1) since February 2021. From an early age, he hates people deciding that he can’t do anything. He is studying physical education and physical expression that conveys “how to face” instead of “don’t do it”. He is also active as a team and solo in order to pave the way for artists. He started street dancing by himself at the age of 14 and challenged contemporary dance (* 2) while he was in college. In 2017, he was the first Japanese patient with achondroplasia to obtain a health and physical education teacher license (middle and high school). However, in March 2017, just before graduating from university, I was supposed to become a physical education teacher in Miyagi prefecture from the following month, but suddenly the place of employment became blank. In Tokyo, he made a life-changing encounter with Tomoya, the former representative of Social Workers, and engaged in dance that he intended to quit when he became a member of society. NHK (E-Tele) [Baribara, E Dance Academy], NHK [Hirumae Hotto, NHK WORLD], and other dance activities are featured in the media to convey the appeal of physical expression and social issues facing achondroplasia patients. Agaigauga affiliation (* 3)

* 1: A voluntary organization that provides a space for playing, creating, and expressing, regardless of disabilities, through nonverbal communication of dance, art, and entertainment.
* 2: Free physical expression that does not have a common form of expression
* 3: Dance team with former representatives of Social Workers, TOMOYA and YU-Ri

Youtube/西村大樹 『ALIVE』



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