Eigo’s favorites / エイゴの好きなもの

Eigo’s favorites / エイゴの好きなもの

 As I wrote before, Eigo’s likes playing alone. I worry about the his collaboration skills with other persons, friends, teachers and elderly people. On the other hand, his curiosity is really growing up. I’ve made a top-5 list of his favorite things.



No.5 Draemon / どらえもん

He really likes Draemon’s soft looks.

He does not know that Draemon he is a Robot from 22nd century.

Furthermore he cannot say Draemon’s name exactly, like that he calls him “Do-Mon”.



No.4 Eating ! 食事

He likes eating a lot.

His favorite food is churrasco Brazilian barbecue. Once he starts to eat meat, he won’t stop for 30 minutes.

He’s getting a bit bigger recently.



No.3 Anpanman アンパンマン

Anpanman is most famous character for young Japanese children.

He also likes Baikinman who is an enemy of Anpanman and his friends.

I think he doesn’t understand the stories yet.



No.2 Family 家族

Always he is always taken care of by his sister, mom and me. He only cries when he’s around us even if he is hit or crashed into by someone in the park. Every family member knows what is most important for a child with an incurable disease is loving for who he is. It helps the child and also other family members.



No.1 XXX

His favorite thing is TRAINS that move and make sounds are  “Gatan Gatan” and so forth. When we visited a train museum before, he never lost his interests in trains for hours even if he keeps standing and watching the same train or the same toy.

In my household he likes looking at pictures shown in train books. He can already remember the names of 10 kinds of trains. I’m sure his comprehension will get better and better.




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