2017. Oct. インターナショナル・ドワーフ・ファッションショー 出演者募集 / Application for IDFS held on Oct. 2017


The International Dwarf Fashion Show (IDFS) World Tour to have been hold in Tokyo on October 2016. Now 1 year is passing and they are planning to be hold in Paris on October 2017. Currently, they are recruiting little women to be on the stage. Since GTA supported the applicants from Japan last year, next time we are going to support applicants from Japan, for example communication with the information desk of IDFS.
Hotel and travelling expense would be provided. If you are available during the schedule, why don’t you apply it and take part in enhancing the global awareness of dwarfism for your self-actualization.


To all the current and future applicants to The International Dwarf Fashion Show World Tour, for Paris Paris Fashion Week,

Application for the International Dwarf Fashion Show for Paris Fashion Week First and foremost:

You don’t need any previous experience or a portfolio of expensive professional headshots to apply.

As you complete your application, remember you’re trying to make an impression on someone who has never met you. So make sure to tell us who you are and what motivates you.
Also, there are a few specific conditions:

  • Be available between September 30th and October 4th
  • Have a valid passport
  • Be involved, committed to our people’s mission: #fashionforall #dwarfismawareness #tolerance #love #unity

So be sure to read all the above. Have questions about the application process? feel free to ask smile. Good Luck!!! …

To expedite the process of The IDFWT, below is the application to submit to jessica@thedwarfashionshow.com

Please do not call the office regarding your application or any modeling opportunities. We are not staffed to handle the hundreds of models calling to inquire about The Dwarf fashion Show World Tour. You will be directed to email your application. Also, be advised your application will be rejected if submitted without a photo. Must also include a short bio.

※標題に”SPRING SUMMER 2018″とありますが、2017年10月パリ以降のツアー共通アプリケーションになります。


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