「東洋医学」を代表する治療法「鍼」 / acupuncture – the major treatment of Oriental medicine



Oriental medicine has one of a character “That lead to increase the natural healing power of the human being has originally”. This concept is quite different from western medicine character that is treatment for various symptoms and diseases by applying medicines or operations.

I had worried that Eigo’s language ability had not been so good, in spite of after the operation of secretory otitis media. That is why I had taken eigo to be treated since last autumn in part to confirm the various possibilities.





What I’m going to introduce is a famous clinic in Tokyo specialized in treatment of incurable disease.

The character of treatment at the clinic is that a Chinese master treats to conduct electricity by sticking thick acupuncture into patients’ head, hands and legs.

The objective of this treatment is to improve patient’s natural healing capacity through its function which helps their autonomic stimulation.

In case of Eigo’ treatment, Eigo’s language ability has been improved, but I’m not definitly sure of result of this treatment.

If doctor in Japan does not consent with the need of the treatment, as the treatment fee must be a treatment not covered by insurance and be expensive.

Absolutely I will show you as a case of Eigo and not recommed your improvement because of undefined factor of the effectiveness. I hope yor will read below as reference.


(1度にこんなものを8本ぐらい指します)(Sticks around 8 acupunctures at once)



(At just getting start, when he is only stucked into only one acupuncture, Eigo has got crying like a siren, so I struggled to calm down. I would take him to roof of building and let him see trains which are his favorite and he would got to be easy.)IMG_7547



(After conducting electricity, it past 60 minutes with more struggling to make Eigo to calm down, he got sleep.)




 (I also tried and felt a pain more strong than I thought. Because the condition during the treatment for my son is not undefined. Should I try also…)



(Meanwhile after we got home, I have got to lie down. On the other hand, Eigo has got more active since he has got to take the treatment.






Eigo quitted to go there after 3 months from the beginning because in in terms of budget and my physical problems. I am really satisfied with Eigo’ lauguage improvement after the treatment, inspite of the undifined effecutiveness of the treatmen.

Now it passed 5 months from the beginning, and Eigo got to chat with 3 words at once. It will be almost with 1 sentence.

According to WHO (World health Organization), although it not exactly apply for language improvement, it is defined the adaptation diseases of acupuncture and moxibustion, furthermore it seems that many other sub-effectiveness is recognized all over the world.

As a result of this experience, although we struggled so much, I do believe it is more important that we should keep trying to take actions for his treatment.