“GLORY Person With ACH” 山田功騎さんトークイベント -軟骨無形成症の自分が、社会から頼られる存在になるために- / Talk Event on “Glorious Person With ACH” -How We realize Inclusion to Society with Workmanship, Koki Yamada

“GLORY Person With ACH” 山田功騎さんトークイベント -軟骨無形成症の自分が、社会から頼られる存在になるために- / Talk Event on “Glorious Person With ACH” -How We realize Inclusion to Society with Workmanship, Koki Yamada

軟骨無形成症を有しながら類まれな個性と才能で活躍するグローリーな方々からのインタビューをご提供するシリーズ企画 ”GLORY Person with Achondroplasia”第6弾を、2022年9月17日(土)に開催します。今回は通信販売会社を経て滋賀県内の自治体職員として勤務しながらTV出演などマルチに活躍している山田功騎さんをお招きし、オンライン・トークイベントにて実施します。





□開催日時:2022年9月17日 (土) 19:00-20:00

9月17日(土)はWHO(世界保健機関)が定めた「世界患者安全の日」です。患者安全文化の醸成のための普及活動の一環として毎年様々なテーマ等を掲げられ、奇しくも今年は、“Medication Safety(医薬品の安全性)”がテーマとされます。小児軟骨無形成症の治療薬“voxzogo”の投与に、小児の軟骨無形成症の患者や親御の関心が集中する今般において、改めて、当事者の苦難と葛藤、そして確固な成功のライフストーリーをお届けすることで、当事者・関係者の尊厳を発信する契機となれば幸いです。

1987年、京都府生まれ。地元小学校および長期の骨延長術のため病院併設養護学校に通う。同志社大学経済学部卒。 大手通信販売会社のインターネットメディア制作部、ペーパーメディア制作部を経て、現職の滋賀県内の市役所に着任。

The 6th installment of the “Glorious Person with Achondroplasia” series, which provides interviews with Glorious people who are with achondroplasia but who are highly active with unique personalities and talents, will be held on Saturday, September 17, 2022. This time, we will invite Mr. Koki Yamada, who is active in multiple fields such as TV appearances while working as a local government employee in Shiga pref. after working for a mail-order company.

About 30 years ago, Mr. Yamada had bone lengthening surgeries when he was in nursery school and when he was in the upper grades of elementary school. The surgeries at the time were a pioneering practice in Japan and were made possible thanks to the dedication of my mother and other family members, as well as the chance encounter with a famous doctor. In his school days, even though he was hospitalized for bone lengthening surgery, he studied harder, and through trial and error, he learned how to get along with his friends and how to communicate well. When he was a university student, in addition to cultural club activities, he devoted himself to a part-time job to social welfare-related and volunteer activities. Then, he learned their own values.

Instead of exercising his handicapped quota during the employment ice age, he joined one of Japan’s leading mail-order companies. And he had pushing forward with regional revitalization, taxation, and public interest activities.

Outside of work, in his private life, he appeared in programs for Asahi Broadcasting Television and has recently been working on Twitter to build a bridge between people with achondroplasia and the general public.

In this talk event, Mr. Kouki Yamada will talk about the culmination of his personal history, which he hopes to appeal to patients’ families, those affected, educators, and the general public.


□ Date and time: Saturday, September 17, 2022, 19:00-20:00
□ Implementation format: Online (use tool: ZOOM)
□ Application: Please fill out this form.
* We will send you the access method and other details about one week before the day.

□ World Patient Safety Day
September 17th (Saturday) is World Patient Safety Day designated by WHO (World Health Organization). Various themes are raised every year as part of dissemination activities to foster a culture of patient safety, and this year’s theme is “Medication Safety.” At a time when pediatric achondroplasia patients and their parents are focusing on the administration of achondroplasia treatment drug voxzogo, we would like to once again tell you about the hardships and conflicts of those involved, as well as their solid success stories. We hope that delivering it, it will be an opportunity to convey the dignity of the parties and related parties.

<Speaker Profile>
Kouki Yamada
Born in Kyoto in 1987. He attends a local elementary school and a hospital-based special school for long-term bone lengthening. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Doshisha University. After working in the Internet Media Production Department and the Paper Media Production Department at Japanet Takata Co., Ltd., he took up his current position at the Konan City Hall in Shiga Prefecture.



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