Maisie Summers-Newton、Ellie Simmonds を抑えてSM6 200mで金メダル / Maisie Summers-Newton wins SM6 200m gold surpassing Ellie Simmonds

2021年8月24日(火)(日本時間)Tokyo 2020 夏のパラリンピックが始まりました。軟骨無形成症をはじめとした多くの低身長選出が出場します。

軟骨無形成症のMaisie Summers-Newton(19=英)は、8月26日(木)(日本時間)のSM6 200m個人メドレー決勝において、後半100でギアを上げGBチームの同僚でありディフェンディングチャンピオンであり同じく軟骨無形成症のEllie Simmonds(36=英)を抑え、輝かしい勝利とともにパラリンピック・ゴールドメダリストになりました。そして、世界記録保持者に返り咲いたものです。

Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympics started August 24th, 2021 (JST) and many Paralympians with short stature, such as achondroplasia are going to compete then.

Maisie Summers-Newton (19, British) with achondroplasia has got a gold medal as a Paralympic champion following an impressive victory in the SM6 200m individual medley final on August 26th Thursday 2021 (JST), stepping up a gear in the last 100m and surpassing Her Paralympics GB team-mate Ellie Simmonds (36,British) who are also with achondroplasia, defending champion. She became the world record holder once again.

Misie Summers-Newton

Misie Summers-Newtonは、S6種目に出場する英国のパラリンピック水泳選手です。彼女は2018年BBCヤングスポーツパーソナリティ・オブ・ザ・イヤーにノミネートされ、10人のイギリス人アスリートのリストに加わりました。



Misie Summers-Newton

Maisie Summers-Newton is a British Paralympics swimmer who competes in S6 events.
She was nominated for the 2018 BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year, joining a shortlist of 10 other British athletes.

Since the beginning of her childhood, she showed interest in swimming. Then, when she was 12 years old, she committed herself to professional training.

She broke her arm in 2014 while training. As a result, she was not able to compete for two years. Although she had to face a lot of hurdles, she didn’t give up. Now she is regarded as one of the best Paralympic swimmers.


国際パラリンピック委員会(IPC)が定めた現在のパラスイミング分類では、身体障害のレベルが異なるクラス S1 ~ S10 が使用され、より深刻な障がいを示す程、数値が低くなります。 4度のパラリンピック金メダリスト、軟骨無形成症のエリー・シモンズはS6、SB6、SM6のクラスで泳ぎ、脳性麻痺とジストニアを持つ4度の世界チャンピオンタリー・カーニーはS5、SB4、SM5クラスで競技します。

IPC para-swimming classification

The current para-swimming classification set out by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) uses classes S1 – S10 for different levels of physical impairment, with a lower number indicating more severe impairment. Four-time Paralympic gold medalist Ellie Simmonds, who has Achondroplasia dwarfism, swims in the S6, SB6, and SM6 classes while four-time World champion Tully Kearney, who has cerebral palsy and dystonia, swims in the S5, SB4, and SM5 classes.