各ページのアクセス数、 カテゴリー機能を追加へ/total access of each page, added a function to check by categories

各ページのアクセス数、 カテゴリー機能を追加へ/total access of each page, added a function to check by categories


Today I added a category function to be able to check what you want to look. Categories are below.

前回の投稿で、本ブログ”Glory to Achondroplasia”77度目の投稿となり、雑多な印象も受けてまいりました。






Last contribution was  just 77 times in this blog. It was to be a little more. So I added to categories to distinguish to look what you want. The reason why I add that is a table below. As you can see, the table show the history of Glory to Achondroplasia that is accumulation of each page access on Oct. 25th 2015.

Most of viewership check archive and pages some time ago.

That’s it to be shorter to check your needs.

Categories located in top page under archive.


accumulation of number of each page access on October 25th 2015

タイトル/title 表示


ホームページ / アーカイブ home/archive More stats 7,861
ついに始まった、世界で初めて軟骨無形成症患者への治療薬投与/started first dose for treatment of ACH in the world finally More stats 1,563
iPS細胞を使った軟骨無形成症の臨床試験を計画/developing new clinical trial for ACH by using ips cell More stats 886
EIGO (HERO) More stats 595
プロフィール/Profile More stats 528
物語の始まり、軟骨無形成症と断定/ begining of the story, dignosed as achondroplasia More stats 341
【訂正】海外への治験参加について/Correction enrolling to clinical trial in foreing country More stats 318
1歳のBirthday、苦悩と喜びが走馬灯のように/one year birthday :Many suffering and delightful images came and went in my mind’s eye. More stats 302
乗り物酔いの薬 臨床試験へ /clinical trial of Mekurozin More stats 267
BMN-111 フェーズ2の結果/Result of BMN-111PhaseⅡ More stats 267
米バイオマリン社-軟骨無形成症の治療プログラム開発/Biomarin in US development of medical treatment for ACH More stats 264
愛らしい笑顔を見せる、母に似た二重まぶたに/ show lovely smile and dobble eyelid similar to mom More stats 250
歩行療育を開始/Starting rehabilitation to walk More stats 250
EIHAKU (administrator) More stats 244
つかむ意志、挑戦と教訓/ grab of will ; microcosm of challenge & moral More stats 235
『乗り物酔い止め薬に骨伸長効果』との新聞記事について/ topic of newspaper motion sickness medicine effective for bone growth More stats 226
【帰国】Little People of America national conference 2014 / back to Japan More stats 226
頭が大きく/ head being bigger More stats 220
チャレンジ/challenge More stats 214
軟骨無形成症が指定難病に登録/Achondroplasia was designated as incurable disease by Japanese goverment More stats 209
私たちの難病/Our incurable disease More stats 206
「世界一醜い」と呼ばれた女性の美しい話/the story of a beautful women called ugliest in the world More stats 205
生後2か月、額と手足に症状が出始める/ the forehead, hands and legs were shown symptoms 2months after his birth More stats 201
動くか!BMN-111/BMN111 going gorward? More stats 192
サンディエゴへ 米NPOの年次会合/going to San diego for annual meeting of NPO in US More stats 190
穏やかな出産後、そして思わぬ宣告/After the easy delivery, unexpected sentence  More stats 187
手術を終え、自宅に戻れました/After the operation went back home More stats 182
10月の思い出/Memory of October in 2014 More stats 182
試練と希望ー例え大きな困難があっても、護られ護り抜くことで人生に栄光を感じて欲しい/trial and hope – what ever difficulty have he can also have glory through save and to be saved More stats 181
専門機関「骨系統コンソーシアム」とは/specialized agency Japanese Skeletal Dysplasia Consortium, Japan More stats 180
右耳が「難聴」と診断/dignosed as difficulty to listen More stats 178
CT定期検査、異常なしとの吉報/good news that no disorder of CT exam More stats 177
治癒の可能性‐BMN111 More stats 175
合併症来る!両耳が中耳炎に/double otitis media complications to be with More stats 172
RSウイルスから気管支炎、肺炎に!/developed bronchitis and pneumonia by RS virus More stats 168
念願の退院!長かった産後12日目/leaving the hospital, too long 12 days after delively More stats 168
検査入院/hospitalized for examination More stats 165
どうなる、BMN111(vosoritide)のドラッグラグ/Medical drug lag for offering BMN111 in Japan after foreign approval More stats 164
祖母と久しぶりの対面 / it was long time no see grandma More stats 164
初めての外出、途方もない悔しさ/much more regret for the first time going out More stats 164
BMN111治験フェーズ2、5歳以上の患者が対象者だった/BMN111 phase 2 was for just 5 years and older More stats 161
メクリジンの副作用/side effect of Meclizine More stats 160
難聴の耳、回復/recover from being diffculty to listen More stats 158
諦めたら試合終了/ game is over if we abandan More stats 157
退院/leave the hospital More stats 157
2015年の始まり/the beinning of 2015 More stats 157
熱、咳が止まらず/ not to recover feaver and to stop coughing More stats 156
勇気を振り絞り、慣れない英語でバイオマリン社へメールを送付/sent a e-mail with unfamiliar English gathering courage More stats 154
BMN111 事実的に進展なし/in accually BMN no progress More stats 151
日本国内のフェーズ3実施に向けて/To recruite Phase 3 trial in Japan More stats 147
SAWAKO (Mom) More stats 145
SAEKO (sister) More stats 133
興味関心の発達/curiousty develops More stats 130
立った瞬間:療育効果/the moment of standing: effect of rehabilitation to walk More stats 130
骨が伸びない More stats 125
MRIの定期検診、頭囲がやや大きく/a periodic medical check‐up of MRT, size of head; we can notice growth More stats 124
GWは病院で/Spent on hospitalization during holidays More stats 124
LPAメンバーJulieさん来日/ LPA member Julie came to Japan More stats 119
“鼻風船”で中耳炎を治療, 英研究/ Nasal Balloon Treats Hearing Loss in Children with Otitis Media More stats 108
京都大、iPS細胞で筋ジストロフィーの病態を再現/Kyoto university announced iPS cells can be used to correct genetic mutations that cause DMD More stats 107
治験参加のハードル/hurdle to participate the clinical trial More stats 107
栄護の療育に同行/First accompany for eigo’s rehabilitation More stats 104
手術前日入院/One day before operation More stats 104
栄護退院!Eigo went back home! More stats 101
親の苦難と子の成長/Suffering parents and growing children More stats 101
米国のガイドラインにおける25か月の発達/developmental screening test of American guideline More stats 101
2歳の誕生日/the 2nd Birthday More stats 101
様々な合併症を引き起こす More stats 100



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